Domain Names, Every Website Needs One

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Got an idea? Register your domain name before someone else does.

Your business name can be chosen as a result of a “eureka!” moment, or after a lot of brainstorming and/or researching, either way a domain name is crucial to your businesses identity. Having a great business idea and name and not being able to get the corresponding domain name can be very costly and frustrating.

We are able to register over 250 different domain extensions

We register domains on over 250 different extensions, so if your .com or business name has already been registered, we can secure other extensions such as .net & .biz.

It’s always a good idea to register the most common extensions of your name to help protect your brand, or if the popular extensions are taken we have access to others.

Domain name extensions specific to your trade or business type

You could show what industry you are in so a .plumbing .florist or .coffee might be appropriate for some small businesses. The extensions .pics & .email also provide something different for your website & email addresses.

Additional protection for UK domain names with Kandekore as your Registrar

Nominet is a non-profit organisation responsible for the management of the entire .uk domain range.

As a Nominet Accredited Channel partner Kandekore deliver cheaper and more secure .uk domain name solutions. We find that many agency’s and freelance web designers often resell domain names purchased from registrars such as Godaddy and 123REG, sometimes in their own name not their clients name. We go directly to source resulting in a cheaper, faster and more secure way than the competition.

Getting you access to your domain name.

If you are having trouble getting access t your domain name, or if your current registrar is making it difficult to transfer your domain name we can assist you with dispute resolution or show you how to easily transfer all of your UK domain names quickly.


No 1st year price gimmicks to get you on board, just cheap domain names year after year.

Domain name registrars are notorious for having intro pricing to tempt registrations. For example by offering domains for a penny or even free for the first year, they then either tie you into buying the domain name for a minimum of two years at their list price, or give you a nasty surprise by raising the the price on you at renewal so that they make more money ongoing.

The best way to judge the actual cost of a domain name purchased through a domain name registrar is to look their 1-year renewal pricing.

If you are purchasing a domain name based on an idea, do you want to reserve it for 2 years? If it is more of a long term venture, how much will your domain name cost you after 3, 4 or 5 years, your annual renewal charges soon mount up.

We are committed to fair pricing, so we will keep our prices below the price of the market leaders renewal costs. We have demonstrated below that we have the cheapest domain name renewal prices, based on the renewal pries of GoDaddy & 123-Reg.£9.99£9.99£7.99

*These domain name prices exclude VAT at 20% and are based on renewal costs. Prices are correct as of 1/1/2019.