To select the icons that you want to use on your website, you will need to choose 3 icons and specify which ones they are.

  1. To choose an icon, highlight the name of the icon (e.g. “address-book”) and then copy the icons name.
  2. Paste the name of this icon exactly as you copied it into one of the “Feature Icon” boxes on the form.
  3. Make sure that you have chosen 3 icons before submitting the form.
Example ofaddress-book
Example ofaddress-book-o
Example ofaddress-card
Example ofaddress-card-o
Example ofadjust
Example ofsign-language
Example ofanchor
Example ofarchive
Example ofarea-chart
Example ofarrows
Example ofarrows-h
Example ofarrows-v
Example ofasl-interpreting (alias)
Example ofassistive-listening-systems
Example ofasterisk
Example ofat
Example ofaudio-description
Example ofautomobile (alias)
Example ofbalance-scale
Example ofban
Example ofbank (alias)
Example ofbar-chart
Example ofbar-chart-o (alias)
Example ofbarcode
Example ofbars
Example ofbath
Example ofbathtub (alias)
Example ofbattery (alias)
Example ofbattery-0 (alias)
Example ofbattery-1 (alias)
Example ofbattery-2 (alias)
Example ofbattery-3 (alias)
Example ofbattery-4 (alias)
Example ofbattery-empty
Example ofbattery-full
Example ofbattery-half
Example ofbattery-quarter
Example ofbattery-three-quarters
Example ofbed
Example ofbeer
Example ofbell
Example ofbell-o
Example ofbell-slash
Example ofbell-slash-o
Example ofbicycle
Example ofbinoculars
Example ofbirthday-cake
Example ofblind
Example ofbluetooth
Example ofbluetooth-b
Example ofbolt
Example ofbomb
Example ofbook
Example ofbookmark
Example ofbookmark-o
Example ofbraille
Example ofbriefcase
Example ofbug
Example ofbuilding
Example ofbuilding-o
Example ofbullhorn
Example ofbullseye
Example ofbus
Example ofcab (alias)
Example ofcalculator
Example ofcalendar
Example ofcalendar-check-o
Example ofcalendar-minus-o
Example ofcalendar-o
Example ofcalendar-plus-o
Example ofcalendar-times-o
Example ofcamera
Example ofcamera-retro
Example ofcar
Example ofcaret-square-o-down
Example ofcaret-square-o-left
Example ofcaret-square-o-right
Example ofcaret-square-o-up
Example ofcart-arrow-down
Example ofcart-plus
Example ofcc
Example ofcertificate
Example ofcheck
Example ofcheck-circle
Example ofcheck-circle-o
Example ofcheck-square
Example ofcheck-square-o
Example ofchild
Example ofcircle
Example ofcircle-o
Example ofcircle-o-notch
Example ofcircle-thin
Example ofclock-o
Example ofclone
Example ofclose (alias)
Example ofcloud
Example ofcloud-download
Example ofcloud-upload
Example ofcode
Example ofcode-fork
Example ofcoffee
Example ofcog
Example ofcogs
Example ofcomment
Example ofcomment-o
Example ofcommenting
Example ofcommenting-o
Example ofcomments
Example ofcomments-o
Example ofcompass
Example ofcopyright
Example ofcreative-commons
Example ofcredit-card
Example ofcredit-card-alt
Example ofcrop
Example ofcrosshairs
Example ofcube
Example ofcubes
Example ofcutlery
Example ofdashboard (alias)
Example ofdatabase
Example ofdeaf
Example ofdeafness (alias)
Example ofdesktop
Example ofdiamond
Example ofdot-circle-o
Example ofdownload
Example ofdrivers-license (alias)
Example ofdrivers-license-o (alias)
Example ofedit (alias)
Example ofellipsis-h
Example ofellipsis-v
Example ofenvelope
Example ofenvelope-o
Example ofenvelope-open
Example ofenvelope-open-o
Example ofenvelope-square
Example oferaser
Example ofexchange
Example ofexclamation
Example ofexclamation-circle
Example ofexclamation-triangle
Example ofexternal-link
Example ofexternal-link-square
Example ofeye
Example ofeye-slash
Example ofeyedropper
Example offax
Example offeed (alias)
Example offemale
Example offighter-jet
Example offile-archive-o
Example offile-audio-o
Example offile-code-o
Example offile-excel-o
Example offile-image-o
Example offile-movie-o (alias)
Example offile-pdf-o
Example offile-photo-o (alias)
Example offile-picture-o (alias)
Example offile-powerpoint-o
Example offile-sound-o (alias)
Example offile-video-o
Example offile-word-o
Example offile-zip-o (alias)
Example offilm
Example offilter
Example offire
Example offire-extinguisher
Example offlag
Example offlag-checkered
Example offlag-o
Example offlash (alias)
Example offlask
Example offolder
Example offolder-o
Example offolder-open
Example offolder-open-o
Example offrown-o
Example offutbol-o
Example ofgamepad
Example ofgavel
Example ofgear (alias)
Example ofgears (alias)
Example ofgift
Example ofglass
Example ofglobe
Example ofgraduation-cap
Example ofgroup (alias)
Example ofhand-grab-o (alias)
Example ofhand-lizard-o
Example ofhand-paper-o
Example ofhand-peace-o
Example ofhand-pointer-o
Example ofhand-rock-o
Example ofhand-scissors-o
Example ofhand-spock-o
Example ofhand-stop-o (alias)
Example ofhandshake-o
Example ofhard-of-hearing (alias)
Example ofhashtag
Example ofhdd-o
Example ofheadphones
Example ofheart
Example ofheart-o
Example ofheartbeat
Example ofhistory
Example ofhome
Example ofhotel (alias)
Example ofhourglass
Example ofhourglass-1 (alias)
Example ofhourglass-2 (alias)
Example ofhourglass-3 (alias)
Example ofhourglass-end
Example ofhourglass-half
Example ofhourglass-o
Example ofhourglass-start
Example ofi-cursor
Example ofid-badge
Example ofid-card
Example ofid-card-o
Example ofimage (alias)
Example ofinbox
Example ofindustry
Example ofinfo
Example ofinfo-circle
Example ofinstitution (alias)
Example ofkey
Example ofkeyboard-o
Example oflanguage
Example oflaptop
Example ofleaf
Example oflegal (alias)
Example oflemon-o
Example oflevel-down
Example oflevel-up
Example oflife-bouy (alias)
Example oflife-buoy (alias)
Example oflife-ring
Example oflife-saver (alias)
Example oflightbulb-o
Example ofline-chart
Example oflocation-arrow
Example oflock
Example oflow-vision
Example ofmagic
Example ofmagnet
Example ofmail-forward (alias)
Example ofmail-reply (alias)
Example ofmail-reply-all (alias)
Example ofmale
Example ofmap
Example ofmap-marker
Example ofmap-o
Example ofmap-pin
Example ofmap-signs
Example ofmeh-o
Example ofmicrochip
Example ofmicrophone
Example ofmicrophone-slash
Example ofminus
Example ofminus-circle
Example ofminus-square
Example ofminus-square-o
Example ofmobile
Example ofmobile-phone (alias)
Example ofmoney
Example ofmoon-o
Example ofmortar-board (alias)
Example ofmotorcycle
Example ofmouse-pointer
Example ofmusic
Example ofnavicon (alias)
Example ofnewspaper-o
Example ofobject-group
Example ofobject-ungroup
Example ofpaint-brush
Example ofpaper-plane
Example ofpaper-plane-o
Example ofpaw
Example ofpencil
Example ofpencil-square
Example ofpencil-square-o
Example ofpercent
Example ofphone
Example ofphone-square
Example ofphoto (alias)
Example ofpicture-o
Example ofpie-chart
Example ofplane
Example ofplug
Example ofplus
Example ofplus-circle
Example ofplus-square
Example ofplus-square-o
Example ofpodcast
Example ofpower-off
Example ofprint
Example ofpuzzle-piece
Example ofqrcode
Example ofquestion
Example ofquestion-circle
Example ofquestion-circle-o
Example ofquote-left
Example ofquote-right
Example ofrandom
Example ofrecycle
Example ofrefresh
Example ofregistered
Example ofremove (alias)
Example ofreorder (alias)
Example ofreply
Example ofreply-all
Example ofretweet
Example ofroad
Example ofrocket
Example ofrss
Example ofrss-square
Example ofs15 (alias)
Example ofsearch
Example ofsearch-minus
Example ofsearch-plus
Example ofsend (alias)
Example ofsend-o (alias)
Example ofserver
Example ofshare
Example ofshare-alt
Example ofshare-alt-square
Example ofshare-square
Example ofshare-square-o
Example ofshield
Example ofship
Example ofshopping-bag
Example ofshopping-basket
Example ofshopping-cart
Example ofshower
Example ofsign-in
Example ofsign-language
Example ofsign-out
Example ofsignal
Example ofsigning (alias)
Example ofsitemap
Example ofsliders
Example ofsmile-o
Example ofsnowflake-o
Example ofsoccer-ball-o (alias)
Example ofsort
Example ofsort-alpha-asc
Example ofsort-alpha-desc
Example ofsort-amount-asc
Example ofsort-amount-desc
Example ofsort-asc
Example ofsort-desc
Example ofsort-down (alias)
Example ofsort-numeric-asc
Example ofsort-numeric-desc
Example ofsort-up (alias)
Example ofspace-shuttle
Example ofspinner
Example ofspoon
Example ofsquare
Example ofsquare-o
Example ofstar
Example ofstar-half
Example ofstar-half-empty (alias)
Example ofstar-half-full (alias)
Example ofstar-half-o
Example ofstar-o
Example ofsticky-note
Example ofsticky-note-o
Example ofstreet-view
Example ofsuitcase
Example ofsun-o
Example ofsupport (alias)
Example oftablet
Example oftachometer
Example oftag
Example oftags
Example oftasks
Example oftaxi
Example oftelevision
Example ofterminal
Example ofthermometer (alias)
Example ofthermometer-0 (alias)
Example ofthermometer-1 (alias)
Example ofthermometer-2 (alias)
Example ofthermometer-3 (alias)
Example ofthermometer-4 (alias)
Example ofthermometer-empty
Example ofthermometer-full
Example ofthermometer-half
Example ofthermometer-quarter
Example ofthermometer-three-quarters
Example ofthumb-tack
Example ofthumbs-down
Example ofthumbs-o-down
Example ofthumbs-o-up
Example ofthumbs-up
Example ofticket
Example oftimes
Example oftimes-circle
Example oftimes-circle-o
Example oftimes-rectangle (alias)
Example oftimes-rectangle-o (alias)
Example oftint
Example oftoggle-down (alias)
Example oftoggle-left (alias)
Example oftoggle-off
Example oftoggle-on
Example oftoggle-right (alias)
Example oftoggle-up (alias)
Example oftrademark
Example oftrash
Example oftrash-o
Example oftree
Example oftrophy
Example oftruck
Example oftty
Example oftv (alias)
Example ofumbrella
Example ofuniversal-access
Example ofuniversity
Example ofunlock
Example ofunlock-alt
Example ofunsorted (alias)
Example ofupload
Example ofuser
Example ofuser-circle
Example ofuser-circle-o
Example ofuser-o
Example ofuser-plus
Example ofuser-secret
Example ofuser-times
Example ofusers
Example ofvcard (alias)
Example ofvcard-o (alias)
Example ofvideo-camera
Example ofvolume-control-phone
Example ofvolume-down
Example ofvolume-off
Example ofvolume-up
Example ofwarning (alias)
Example ofwheelchair
Example ofwheelchair-alt
Example ofwifi
Example ofwindow-close
Example ofwindow-close-o
Example ofwindow-maximize
Example ofwindow-minimize
Example ofwindow-restore
Example ofwrench