Search Engine Page Layout Explained and SEO

The first page of Google and other Search Engines, generally all carry the same principles. Whilst Google, Yahoo and Bing are continuously tweaking their search results page layout for a better user experience, the results are usually split into 3 sections.

  • Sponsored listings
  • Local Listings
  • Natural Search Results

To really dominate the front page of any search engine you need to be represented in all of these areas.


Sponsored Listings / Pay Per Click (PPC)
SERP SEO KandeshopSponsored Listings & Pay Per Click (PPC)  results are in the prime position on the page, usually across the top of the page and down the right. Every time a user clicks on one of these results, the advertiser will pay, how much is determined by bidding on keywords. The more you bid on a keyword or keyphrase the higher you will appear on the page.

There are several  Pay Per Click providers and your advertisement can appear across literally hundreds of sites. As well as the PPC provider displaying your results on their own page, they will also place them on relevant partner sites such as auction or classified listing sites increasing your chances of being seen by your target audience.

The amount that you need to bid will be soly dependent on the competitiveness of your line of work. The phrase “ironing service Warwickshire” may cost just 5 or 10p a click where as scrap car collection Birmingham may cost 5 to 10 pounds. We will do full analysis of your industry and target market on-line and create a campaign based on this.

Unlike many other PPC campaign management companies, we do not restrict the amount of keywords that you can have, nor do we try and hide how much we pay the provider. We will tell you exactly what you are paying per click. Our fee will be based on a % of your campaign budget, so you will know exactly how much you are paying and to whom.

Maps / Local Listings

We administer Maps Listing as part of our essential listings package. Maps listings are results displayed on a search engine based on local searches.  When searching for a service on-line most users will include the area they want the service ie “Builders in Birmingham” (Google also uses your ip address to determine your location so relevant results can be delivered.) The maps section aims to deliver results based upon your location.SERP SEO Kandeshop

Google allow businesses and their representatives to submit details to their places / maps section. We have great experience and fantastic results from doing this in an optimised fashion on behalf of our customers. Yahoo and Bing source their results from classified listings sites. We will submit your details to these sites also. So with our Essential Listings Package you can also appear on all of the major search engines local section.


Natural Search Results.SERP SEO Kandeshop

Where and how you appear for Natural search results will give you an idea of  how well your website is optimised. These results are delivered based on the accessibility, content, layout and popularity of your site. In some cases if the natural search engine optimisation on a site is done wel,l it may only need to be done once. We offer a one off service and a monthly SEO maintenance service.

Natural Search Engine Optimisation alone can be a great constant source of leads / visitors to your website. Your website will appear in the search results 4 hours a day, 365 days a year for free. Having great natural SEO doesn’t just limit you to one search engine but opens you up to every search engine in the world.

We ensure that the search engine robots can communicate and understand what your site is about and deliver it to the right customers. The key to good SEO is relevant, clear, informative content. We will help you write this content and then base the rest of our work on this.


How well your website is Naturally Optimised will also have an influence on your PPC campaigns and maps listings.  It is important that this part of your Internet Marketing Campaign is right first.



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