5 Common SEO mistakes webmasters make.

What are 5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes? These simple steps will set you on the right track to build a healthy ranking website.

  • Include the right key words

When building a website it is important to use the right words with SEO. It is vital you use word that users would search for. For example don’t use “Peak of Everest” Use “What is the height of Everest?” because people will type that. On the other hand doing things like having your content in plain text not just PDF and Include business hours and services will have a good impact.

  • Don’t Just Link Build

Although links still help with rankings, the big misconception in the search world is that the majority of your time and effort should be placed on building links. So, if building links is not what you should be spending your time on, what is? It’s user experience—because it will impact rankings more than anything else. Do thing like make your website mobile friendly socialise with business and users.

  • Make The Most Out Of Your Title & Descriptions

These two portions of your on-site optimization are the absolute most important for getting your pages to rank in search engines, and getting users interested in clicking on those pages. Including separate keyword tags used to be a thing, but it’s no longer important or considered relevant. So focus on titles and descriptions, and you’ll be on your way to a higher ranking. Don’t  just have your company name, as your homepage is the most important

  • Use Google Webmaster Tools

Google provides a number of tools for your SEO arsenal. The most obvious is Google Analytics, which offers an in-depth analytics suite to help even the most basic user understand and improve traffic to their website. But Google Webmaster Tools gives the advanced search expert another perspective on planning and evaluating his or her search efforts.

Google Webmaster

  • Making Sure Your Site Is Crawlable

By having link to important pages in your Footer Navigation and Keep your XML Sitemap up-to-date to help the search engines spiders properly index pages on your site. Use optimal text in your Alt tags. While certain images are “crawlable”, they are not necessarily “optimal”. Adding keyword rich text to Alt tags tells the search engines the theme of the linked page: