Why you should use Local SEO to target the Birmingham market

Why you should use Local SEO to target the Birmingham market

Birmingham, the city of a thousand trades & 34 million visitors!

Using local SEO to target potential customers within Birmingham is vital for Midlands-based businesses. Birmingham attracts 34 million people per year through tourism, with a population of 1.1 million, and has an abundance of landmarks and attractions, making it the epicentre for trade in the midlands. The transient market & visitors that create so much custom in the area want businesses that are easy-to-find and local. So, how do they find these businesses? Without familiarity of Birmingham and the Midlands area, it would be quite a daunting challenge for anyone to find the business or service they need; so rather than wandering aimlessly around the locality or asking people in the street, the majority of people will turn to their smartphones and search engines for help.

Local SEO for Mobile users

It recently emerged that, for the first time, most internet traffic and searches are being performed through a mobile phone or device (as opposed to desktop/laptop), and with this being the case, Birmingham is at an advantage. The City is the youngest in Europe, with 40% of its population being under the age of 25 – the generation that is most likely to rely on their smartphone to find services –  in addition this, there is a large transient market of 34 million moving through Birmingham every year via tourism, and thousands of people relocate to Birmingham as means of business each year. For these reasons, Birmingham is a paradigm for Google’s focus on local-search Internet marketing and efforts to offer users local results; therefore, the question isn’t whether you can afford to invest in local SEO for your business, but can you afford not to?

Attractions in Birmingham

avfcWhere to begin? These range from: the culturally eccentric area of the city, Digbeth – which is home to the Irish Quarter, as well as the HMV Institute and Custard Factory, famous for their influence on Birmingham’s underground music scene – to the city’s renowned sporting venues, such as Edgbaston cricket ground (the second-largest cricket venue in the UK), Alexander stadium, plus Villa Park and St.Andrew’s, homes to football clubs Aston Villa and Birmingham City respectively. The Hawthorns stadium of West Bromwich Albion, also borders with Handsworth, meaning that travelling away fans of all 3 clubs pass through the centre of Birmingham.

Birmingham’s capricious culture is portrayed further by the divergence of attractions. Exhibition centres & theatres such as the Barclaycard Arena, the ICC, the NEC, the O2 Academy and Alexandra Theatre host hundreds of exhibitions per year; as a result of this, Birmingham accounts for 42% of UK conference and exhibition trade.

The city’s adoption of the Indian Balti dish elicited a formation of The Balti Triangle, which attracts thousands of visitors, each week. In addition to this, Birmingham’s culinary presence is strengthened, even more so, by the Michelin-starred restaurants which accumulate to the second-highest amount in the UK.

Brindley Place Square Building Reflections in the Water at Night.

Brindley Place Square Building Reflections in the Water at Night.

Industrialism is rooted intensely into Birmingham’s history; industrial paraphernalia is exhibited in local museums such as the ThinkTank, a key attraction of Millennium Point (one of Birmingham’s many redevelopment campaigns). Brindley

place is another redevelopment campaign, which pledged to transform the derelict, former-industrial land, into a booming business region; it is now home to a variety of attractions, such as the National Sea Life Centre and the Ikon Gallery. Birmingham’s twee whimsicality, elicited by the redevelopments that have occurred, is almost epitomised in how it’s artistic presence has arose from the regeneration of derelict industrial land. In addition to Brindleyplace’s Ikon Gallery – exhibiting modern pieces of art –  there is the classic landmark in Birmingham’s Museum & Art Gallery, as well as the Barber Institute of Fine Arts. The recently redeveloped Library of Birmingham, Symphony Hall and Electric Cinema, attract an array of visitors, who immerse themselves in Birmingham’s expression and exhibition of other forms of art, by means of storing Literature, and exhibiting music & independent cinema.

As well as art and landmarks, Birmingham (like most cities), is famous for its assortment of retail attractions. Birmingham’s lavish Jewellery Quarter produces 40% of the UK’s Jewellery, and the City Centre features 4 main shopping destinations, with the Pavilions, Mailbox, Grand Central (at the recently renovated New Street Train Station) and the UK’s busiest retail attraction, the Bullring, the second most visited retail attraction in the UK (which was visited by approximately 36.5 Million people in its first year).

For the more tranquil experiences, Birmingham is home to the Birmingham – Worcester canal -Birmingham has more miles of waterways than Venice – the Waseley Hills, Botanical Gardens and a Central Mosque.

Birmingham’s diverse culture and exciting rate of development is unsurprising, when a third of the city is of minority ethnic origin, as well as being the youngest city in Europe.

Business in Birmingham

To indicate how Birmingham’s industry sectors are developing, here are the most outstanding Gross Value Added percentages for various employment sectors within the city, as of the period between 2013 and 2014:

  • Construction services increased by 13.3%
  • Domestic services increased by 7.4%
  • Business Services increased by 7.3%
  • IT services increased by 7.2%
  • Agriculture services increased by 5.9%

Few sectors decreased in their Gross Value Added during this period, and only one had a considerable decrease, with Financial and Insurance services decreasing by a staggering 17.9%.

From this, we can conclude that Birmingham has an outstanding market for local-search Internet marketing, and with its array of attractions, increasing influx of tourists & immigrants, and high rate of industry value, this market is only going to expand.

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